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Does Staging your home really work? Absolutely!

As a Realtor & an Accredited Staging Professional* trained at StagedHomes.com ~ The World Standard in Staging Education,  I realized the importance of staging long before it was recognized as an essential part of a comprehensive marketing plan. From my extensive experience I can confirm that a well-staged home generally sells for more money and in a quicker amount of time.


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You may ask yourself: "Why does home staging work?"

One important reason is that today we market our homes heavily on the internet.

A good realtor will have professional photography and ensure that your house is picture perfect before it is showcased to the world. Statistics show that 80 – 90% of our first contact with a listing will be on the web.  We only have seconds to impress a buyer to book a viewing for your home.

It has been my experience that preparing a home for sale does not need to be an expensive or overly time-consuming process. Staging a home involves strategically arranging and editing furnishings and accessories to show your home at its best. As a home owner, it is often difficult to be objective about what is pleasing to a potential buyer. However, as a Real Estate Professional and as a Stager* for over 26 years, I have the experience, knowledge and skill to help you accomplish this. Just as with people you meet--a good first impression leaves a lasting memory.

Together we can make your home the Buyer’s Choice!


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*To confirm my credentials look for me under the ASP Directory, the tab is at the top of the Home Staging page.  Search for Zoi Ouzas or Grimsby, Ontario.