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10 Things You Should Know About Selling Your House
Posted on Wed, 15 Aug 2018, 02:50:00 PM  in Home selling tips
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10 Things You Should Know About Selling Your House

10 Things You Should Know About Selling Your House

If you are looking to sell your house soon for one reason or another, there are some things to consider before jumping right in. Selling a house is a big deal and you may need to take extra steps in getting the job done. Here are 10 things to consider when selling your house:


  1. Do You Feel Pressured to Sell?

If you're not really ready to sell but feel that you have to based on life changes, like the loss of a job or other hardship, stop and consider first. If money is the main issue there are other solutions besides selling and moving away, like renting out a room to a tenant.


  1. Consider the Time of Year

The housing market tends to be the busiest around spring because the weather is nice and families want to take the summer time to settle into a new house before the new school year begins. Christmas is when the market is at its slowest due to most sellers and buyers focusing on family and the holidays. However if you want to list in the winter anyway, you may have some good luck because there's less competition.


  1. Find Out What Your House is Worth

If you overcharge for your house or neighborhood, you are likely to get very few offers, if any. You can avoid this and get an idea of what your house may be worth by hiring an agent. Agents will look at other houses in the area and what they sold for to get an idea of what yours may be worth. This will help you later when you know about how equity you will have to work with when looking for a new home.


  1. Sweat Equity

Agents do a lot of hard work to help sell houses and they usually take around 2.5 percent of the profits as their salary. That tiny number adds up in a big sale like a house. So if you want to hold onto that extra few thousand, consider selling the house yourself. But be prepared to put in a lot of hours and resources to market your home.


  1. Find an Agent

If the DIY method is not for you, shop around for a real estate agent. Not all agents are created equal so be sure to choose a reputable one that suits your needs and your style. After all it is your money at stake and you want a reliable agent who knows how to sell a house.


  1. Clean and Declutter

When you put your house on the market, you don't want buyers having to look past piles of mail and miscellaneous junk to see the sparkling gem that your house truly is. Deep cleaning and getting rid of excess clutter will help prospective buyers see more potential in the house. De-cluttering will also help tremendously when it comes time to move.


  1. Fix Up the Exterior

The difference between a walk-through and a drive-by can be in how the house looks on the outside. Peeling paint and old junk in the yard turns buyers off, so roll up those sleeves and rent a dumpster, because it's time to make the exterior sparkle like new.


  1. Appeal to the Mainstream

When taking photos for flyers or preparing for walk-throughs, it is important to keep your house as clean and de-personalized as possible. While your friends love your quirky wall art, buyers usually want to see a blank slate so they can personalize the house for themselves later.


  1. Consider a Stager

Stagers are professionals who bring rented furniture and decorations into a home to make it more appealing during the selling process. A great stager can make a home look irresistible to potential buyers.


  1. Market and Advertise

No one will buy your house if they don't know it's for sale. Solve that problem by putting the sign out on the front lawn, advertising in the newspaper and online. There is always the option to have an open house as well.

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4 Tips for Choosing Commercial Property
Posted on Tue, 31 Jul 2018, 11:10:00 AM  in My services
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4 Tips for Choosing Commercial Property

4 Tips for Choosing Commercial Property

Owning property is an exciting proposition, and purchasing commercial property is just as exciting. While the property purchase philosophy is the same, there are a few differences when taking the plunge into the commercial property market, as well as a few different considerations.


Let’s discuss four tips to consider when purchasing commercial property.


  1. Type of Property

It is important to think about and decide the type of commercial property desired. Will the property be used for your own use or will it be rental or lease property. Will you be the primary caretaker of the property or will a property manager be involved. Other concerns and questions to ask yourself are are you ready to take on such a risk and does such a purchase fall within your risk level. If your skill and expertise level falls short, would you be willing to perhaps establish a partnership with someone who will bring the necessary skills and expertise to the table. Is your foray into commercial property subject to a team of investors who will help carry the financial burden?


  1. Financing your Commercial Dream

Purchasing commercial property is, in a lot of cases, more costly than purchasing a home. It is essential to have the necessary financing in place rather than taking a fly by the seat of your pants approach. It is important to know what financing institutions will mortgage commercial properties. It is necessary to know what your credit rating needs to be, as well as the amount of down payment that is required for such a purchase.


  1. Hiring the Experts

There will usually be a few experts that you will be required to hire on during the transaction and after the deal is complete. You will most likely need to hire a commercial real estate attorney, an accountant, a mortgage broker and commercial real estate broker. After the deal is complete, you may need a property manager and a leasing or rental agent. Hiring experts to help you out will help you to protect your interest in the venture and keep you from getting in over your head. Having everyone on board as soon as possible will make sure everyone is on the same page and everyone has sufficient time to undertake any prep work that may be required. It will also be important to have a maintenance chief on board as early as possible. An important part of the team will be an appraiser who will determine the current market value of the property of interest.


4 Making an Offer

Unless you are a real estate and financial wizard, it is important to have someone on your team, such as a real estate attorney, who is. Before signing a Letter of Intent (LOI) make sure your legal eagle reviews the contract first. The LOI will outline the terms of the transaction. It is essential there is a clause or two in the agreement that lets you opt-out of the deal in the event if something goes wrong with the deal. It is essential to understand all aspects of the contract, especially all your rights and obligations of the agreement. When it comes time to make an offer, you will have an appraisal that defines the value of the property. The appraisal will take into account the economic climate, as well as the value of similar properties in the area. It is not necessary to offer what value of the evaluation, nor is necessary to meet the seller’s price. The attorney, when performing their due diligence on the property may be able to determine what the seller may accept for a price.

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Why is it More Important Than Ever to List Your Home?
Posted on Mon, 30 Apr 2018, 11:45:00 AM  in Home selling tips
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Why is it More Important Than Ever to List Your Home?

If you want to sell your home in a hurry, there are certain things you need to do. One of the most important is to get your home included in the official real estate listings. There are several reasons why this is so. The most significant of these reasons is that the real estate listings are now on the world wide web. This means that, once included in these listings, your home will now reach more potential buyers than ever before. This is a major development that you can't afford not to be a part of.


The Old Means of Advertising Your Home are Now Obsolete

Why is it More Important Than Ever to List Your Home?In the old days, you had several means of advertising your home. You could leave it to the expertise of a qualified real estate professional. If you were a bit more on the "Do It Yourself" side of the fence, you could put up a "For Sale By Owner" sign. You could also advertise your home in local newspapers and circulars. After these preparations were made, you then had to sit back and wait. Sometimes you were lucky and got your home sold in a hurry. Sometimes you just had to keep waiting.


It's Faster and Easier to Get Your Home in the Listings

If you aren't much for waiting, it's a much better bet to get your home in the official real estate listings. This is because the world wide web has made it much easier and quicker to get your home exposed to as many people as possible. You should know that the mere fact of being on the web has increased the audience for these listings by an exponential amount. As a result, there is no quicker way to get your home sold.


If You Want to Charge the Maximum Price, You Need to Be Listed

There is another reason why you need to consider getting your home listed as soon as possible. If you have made a series of renovations to your home, you certainly want them to be taken account of. The entire reason for making renovations in the first place is to add a serious amount of money to your selling price. The more you add to your resale value, the higher the price you can expect to charge. Listing your home will give a serious impetus to your plans.


If You Have Already Bought a New Home, You Need to Sell the Old One

If you have already purchased another property and are waiting to move into it, you will certainly need to sell off your old home fast. This is one sale that cannot come quickly enough. At the same time, there is no need to accept an insultingly low price just for the sake of moving on. Listing your home will give you access to high end home buyers who will be more than happy to meet the price that you set for your property.


The Time to Get Your Home in the Listings is Now

There is no time like the present to get your home included in the official real estate listings. You don't want to wait weeks or months for your home to sell. You have plenty of reason to get your present property sold off in the most timely and efficient fashion. If you aren't a big fan of the "wait and see" approach, getting your home in the listings will expedite the process. The time to talk to your local real estate representative about listing your home is now.

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What Opportunities Does Canada Have For Business?
Posted on Wed, 31 Jan 2018, 02:50:00 PM  in Home buying tips,  Home selling tips
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Diverse Competitive Economy and OECD Country

Canada features a very diverse and competitive economy, being an OECD country. Furthermore, it also happens to be one of the easiest countries to start a business in, being #2 after New Zealand. The country also has a relatively high level of income, with a median income level of $43,660. Comparatively, the country also offers an easy system for paying taxes and resolving insolvency.


Canadian Advantages Over Other OECD Countries

What Opportunities Does Canada Have For Business?Canada also has a few other advantages over other OECD countries. First, Canada is politically stable. Recent studies have ranked the Canadian banking system as being the most stable one in the world. This confidence in the banking system creates an atmosphere where you are able to grow your business. There are also fewer banks, but they are very well regulated.


NAFTA Membership Creates Opportunity For Trade

Canada is also a member of the North American Free Trade Agreement which allows you to have duty free access to the United States and Mexican markets for many products. NAFTA aims to create opportunity for investment and growth throughout North America. NAFTA also means lower prices for Canadian companies and consumers.


Natural Resources Abound in Canada

Canada is also known for being an abundant source of natural resources. Coal, silver, iron ore, natural gas, gold, copper, and timber all count among the natural resources that can be found within Canadian borders. Canada has a entire government department established to ensure that the natural resources are managed appropriately, and they also help out with mapping and remote sensing to identify new sources of natural resources.


A Bilingual Population With English and French

Canada also has a bilingual population, as people speak both English and French. This positions Canada for being in a great place to conduct business throughout the world. Many emerging economies in Africa speak French, which means that you will have a source of native French speaking Canadians whom share the same language as people in emerging markets.


Transparent Regulatory Environment

The Government of Canada is also very transparent with the regulatory environment. For you, this means that regulations and other procedures related to the government are fairly simple to deal with and understand. Many other places have a regulatory mess which can be very dfificult to understand and manage.


Diverse Economy

Manufacturing, services, and natural resources are the dominant industries, with Royal Bank of Canada being the largest company. The benefit of this is it creates a diverse set of industries. A diverse set of industries means a economy with opportunity for your business to make a mark upon the Canadian economy.


Consider Services of a Realtor to Assist in Finding The Right Place To Live

Many whom relocate to Canada often consider the services of a REALTORŪ for assistance in locating a new property. A REALTORŪ can be a great resource because of the expertise that this individual has on which neighborhoods are safe and which places are generally desirable to live in.

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Purchasing a New Home
Posted on Wed, 30 Aug 2017, 09:15:00 AM  in Home buying tips
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Canada is a country representing a wide variety of properties for sale. Home buyers may choose from a remote cabin in what closely resembles a wilderness area, or they may prefer a condo or townhouse located in the downtown area of a modern city. Their lifestyle and position in life will likely be the deciding factor when Canadians decide to purchase a home.


Retirees may search for a home where they are able to appreciate the beauty of nature if they aspire to an active and healthy lifestyle. Seniors who do not enjoy great health may prefer to live near a hospital or medical facility in case they experience a catastrophic health event. Younger people who have children also prefer to live further away from the city, but usually choose to be close enough that their commute to work is not too long. Residential communities located on the outskirts of larger metropolis areas are popular neighborhoods with children of school age. Singles and young couples in the millennial age group typically prefer to rent near thenew home city center, and many prefer to purchase a condo as an investment.


Canada's economy is relatively stable, and Toronto is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. The diverse metropolis is the capital of Ontario and is located on the shore of Lake Ontario. Toronto offers many employment and educational opportunities as well as a wide variety of outdoor activities. The number of new constructions and home improvement projects is a testament to Toronto's healthy economy. The Greater Toronto Area is a popular residential location due to the availability of transportation into the city center where most people are employed.


People who live in Canada are well aware of the frigid winter temperatures, but they have obviously come to appreciate the advantages of living there so much that the weather is tolerable. The far northern areas of the country are less occupied which is likely due to the much colder winters there. The most populated regions of Canada are situated in the southern half of the country.


When it comes to the Canadian climate, Victoria, British Columbia is the warmest. The city is located on Vancouver Island about 100 km south of the city of Vancouver. Victoria is British Columbia's capital city, and boasts amazing mountain and ocean views in nearly every direction. The peaceful atmosphere of the city is popular with retirees, although families and students are drawn to the wide range of outdoor activities that include biking, water sports, golf and zip lining.


Anyone planning to purchase a new home in Canada will be wise to contact a reputable REALTORŪ in their desired location. A real estate agent will be able to search for the type of property that meets their needs and wishes. While it may be quite possible to successfully purchase a private listing, a professional will guide them through the process with less risk of purchasing a home with problems. In addition, a REALTORŪ has access to homes that are just coming on the market or homes that are foreclosed and bank owned.

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New Canadian Home, New Canadian Lifestyle
Posted on Sat, 15 Jul 2017, 08:55:00 AM  in Home buying tips
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Do you already live in Canada but are moving to a new location? Are you from a different country and are looking to move to Canada for the first time in your life? Maybe you have children, medical needs, or work-related demands that can best be filled only by moving into your next Canadian home. In any event, moving into a new home is the perfect opportunity to start fresh and live a lifestyle that is be different than the one you are currently living. Consider the following advice if you are interested in creating a new lifestyle for yourself.


Location Mattersnew lifestyle

Canada is one of the largest countries on the planet. There are plenty of opportunities to live in the type of location that makes you happy. Different locations have different climates, different language preferences, and different types of jobs. Make sure that you are moving to the area of Canada that best meets you and your family’s needs.


Size Isn’t Everything

Not all homes that are large are expensive. Not all homes that are small fit into everyone’s budget. You do not need to have a 10 bedroom home to live the life of luxury that you desire. Your home should fit your needs and make you happy before it makes anybody else happy.


Proximity to Civilization Varies For Everyone

Living in the remote forest is not for everyone, but living in the city is not always the perfect location either. Thankfully, when you purchase your new home in Canada you’ll have plenty of options ranging from “far away from any signs of civilization” to “right in the middle of a city that never sleeps”. You must recognize that you do not have to have the same preferences as your parents, grandparents, or friends in order to be happy.


Change Is a Family Effort

Change can be hard, buying and selling homes can be hard, and meeting with professionals like sales representatives and inspectors can be hard. You cannot expect that you can change your entire lifestyle upon moving if you do not have the support of your family. Maybe this means living more simply in the forest or the mountains. Maybe this means giving up a little more family time so that you can go to work to make a bigger paycheck. Change has to be a family effort in order for it to work.


Be True To Who You Are No Matter What

It is hard to be a free-thinking, creative, and carefree type of person if you have always had demands placed on you to fit within the constraints that society has outlined. If you have worked an office position for the past few decades but would rather make a living opening up your own art studio, then open up the art studio and abandon the suit. If you want a small home with the bare essentials necessary for living, then do not let yourself buy the types of items that build up into clutter. This new home is your opportunity to embrace the true you.


Take Home Advice

Congratulations on making the decision to move into your new Canadian home and again for choosing to embrace the lifestyle that you have always wanted to live. Even if the advice above differs from your own personal ideals, you are sure to have started the brainstorming process necessary to find the lifestyle that does fit your own unique personal situation, lifestyle, and preferences.

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Tips For Choosing Rental Properties That Are Guaranteed To Provide Phenomenal Returns
Posted on Tue, 28 Feb 2017, 10:45:00 AM  in Home buying tips
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Purchasing rental property is a great way to establish long-term financial health. The right unit will serve as an ongoing, passive stream of income that can bolster or even replace earnings that are generated from your primary employment. This is an excellent investment strategy for retirees or for those who intend to leave the workforce within the next several years. It is also perfect for consumers who already own their own homes outright and are ready to expand their portfolios. In order to ensure optimal returns from this investment, however, there are a number of key features that you should look for.

 Tips For Choosing Rental Properties That Are Guaranteed To Provide Phenomenal Returns

  1. A Prime Location

No matter what your goals are when shopping for property, location means everything. This is always going to be the sole feature about your unit that you don't have the power to change. You can alter the flooring, add in new cabinetry and even redesign the look of the property exterior. Where your investment is located, however, is a static condition. You also have to account for the fact that location will play the greatest role in determining how much you're able to charge for rent. Even if a unit has cutting-edge amenities, it won't fetch a reasonable price if it's situated in a high-crime, low-interest and otherwise undesirable neighbourhood.


  1. Modern Amenities

Just like home buyers want the latest and most innovative amenities, property renters are starting to demand these things as well. Features like smart thermostats, triple and even quadruple-pane windows, and energy efficient heating and cooling systems can help renters save considerable sums of money on their monthly overhead bills. If any property you're targeting doesn't have these things, find out how much it will cost to add them in on your own.


  1. A Robust Rental Market

Certain neighbourhoods are filled with attractive and relatively affordable houses, and yet, the local rental markets are not ideal. This is often the result of limited, local options in employment, limited options for commuting, or average rental prices that are far above the regional norm. Find out how other rental property owners are faring within specific neighbourhoods and determine just what the average rental costs are. These should be sufficiently high for covering your own ownership expenses while allowing for some manner of profit.


  1. Quality Schools

If you intend to invest in a multi-unit development or a property type that is best-suited to small and growing families, make sure to target neighbourhoods that have top-rated schools. Many properties will have local school information posted right on their listings. You can compare this data with the details that are offered by major school review sites online.


  1. Low Crime Rates

Take a minute to read up on local crime statistics. Even some of the best locations are not immune to problems like burglary and vandalism. Not only will issues like these make your units less marketable, but they can also have a noticeable impact on property values over the years.


  1. Ease Of Transportation

When shopping for homes, apartments or condos to rent, most people are looking for options that will simplify their daily commutes. As such, some of the best properties will be located within close driving distance of major transportation routes. It is also important to consider the options in local, municipal transportation that exist as well. With more consumers looking to limit both their fuel costs and their carbon footprints, choosing properties near solid bus routes or train stations is a good idea.


  1. A Strong Job Market

A strong job market and a robust rental market usually go hand in hand. If there are plenty of options in nearby work, locals will be able to pay their rent. When shopping for an investment property, check around for new businesses, business expansion and low unemployment rates. It's also possible to find desirable rental properties just outside of bustling metropolitan areas, so long as the options for commuting are good.

When using investment property to generate passive income, it's vital to diligently research your options. Choosing a modern, updated home that located in a safe and top-rated community will invariably provide better returns than will choosing a property in a high-crime, low-interest district. Consulting with a reputable REALTORŪ before finalizing any purchase decisions is the best way to avoid investment mistakes that will diminish your profit potential.

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How To Price Your Home Just Right
Posted on Tue, 15 Nov 2016, 12:45:00 PM  in Home selling tips
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Pricing a home is truly a science. However, when it comes to setting a price, many homeowners want to listen to their hearts rather than the cold hard facts. However, experience tells us that the numbers don't lie and in order to sell your home, you will need to accept the professional's assessment of your home's fair market value.

 How To Price Your Home Just Right

Beware Of Overpricing

All too often, homeowners mistakenly think that that they should overprice their home at first. However, this strategy never pans out as they think it will and they sacrifice most of the buyers in the process. Overpriced homes stay on the market for much longer than other homes in the area and often cause delays for sellers who are looking to move into a new home. Even worse, if they have already purchased their next home, then they are saddled with two mortgages.

Sure, it is possible to lower the initial price of your home. However, homeowners should beware. If they continually lower the price of their home, the home may develop a stigma as home buyers wonder what may be wrong with the home to warrant the continual price drops. The best thing you can do to market and sell your home is to price it right from the beginning. This way, your home will sell faster. Who knows, in the right market, with a well-priced home, you may even land more than one offer.


Why Your Home May Not Be Worth As Much As You Think

Most homeowners who overvalue their home's worth either confuse their home's sentimental value with its dollar value or they believe that their home is more valuable because of the renovations that they have made.

Unfortunately, buyers do not see the cherished memories when they walk into the home and they certainly do not equate the sentimental value into a monetary sum. Likewise, buyers do not necessarily value all of the renovations the same way that the seller does, and no buyer is willing to pay more than the price of similar homes in the area that have sold recently.


The Numbers Don't Lie

What is the best way to price your home? The answer is simple, get the help of a real estate agent. Real estate professionals are able to look at the comparable sales in the area. These recent sales help agents determine what would be the fair market value of the home. This value can help you arrive at a listing price that will be competitive in your home's current market. Agents look at a huge amount of data and variables to arrive at this price. They look at information such as square footage, amenities, floor plans, and more. Additionally, all of the information comes from homes that have sold in your area in the last few months.

Once the agent has collected the list of similar homes and the prices that buyers were willing to pay for them, they are able to make an estimate of what they believe your home will fetch on the current real estate market. Although this number may be less than you hoped, you will be glad when your home sells quickly.

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Strong Areas in the Canadian Real Estate Market
Posted on Wed, 15 Jun 2016, 10:15:00 AM  in Marketing strategies

Canada is among the most desirable places to live on Earth. The northern nation is famed for having a clean climate, responsible governance and welcoming people. This combination means that real estate in and around populated areas tends to be very valuable by worldwide standards. Like any large nation different areas of the country will have significantly different property values. Regions always have their own characteristics which will draw a diverse group of individuals to the area. In the following article we will highlight a couple of strong areas of Canada for real estate and how they got that way.

Toronto, Ontario

strong areasWhile many mistake Toronto as the capitol city of Canada it is in fact only a provincial capital. This does not take away from the fact that Toronto is still considered Canada's number one city- something akin to New York City in the United States. Much of the nation's agenda is set in Toronto and as Canada's largest city it holds great sway with the nation as well as globally.

The city is eminently livable and has a great deal to offer even the seasoned world traveler. Much in keeping with Canada's reputation as a hotbed of diversity and free thought you can find nearly any race, culture or creed in Toronto. While the cold weather does have an effect on the prices of real estate it is minor at best.

Much of the outlying city suburbs have been growing in price rapidly due to the increasing amount of immigration to the city. With the diverse immigration patterns comes a number of tourists from across the globe. These tourists are visiting friends and family and reveling in the multicultural paradise that Toronto has become. When tourist revenues go up so do home values. Both commercial and residential real estate have been flourishing in the last few years and this trend shows no signs of abating.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Long known as Canada's second city Vancouver, British Columbia is among the most visited and loved cities on the entire planet. Since Vancouver is located on the West Coast of North America it has an incredibly temperate climate compared to the vast majority of major Canadian cities. The weather is similar to other big name West Coast Cities like Portland and San Francisco.

In addition the fact that Vancouver is so close to Asia is a huge boon to the local real estate market. Over the past 20 something odd years investors from across the globe- but especially East Asia- have been driving up prices to unseen levels all over the city. Chinese immigrants are driving much of the growth but people from countries all over Asia are getting in on the real estate boom.

The fact that people from Vancouver have a mild climate, a great deal of cultural diversity and a relatively free and tolerant atmosphere make it one of the strongest areas of Canadian real estate right now. While past performance is no sure guarantor of future performance it makes sense that Vancouver will continue to prosper over the next few years at least.

Vancouver and Toronto are two of the major standouts in the Canadian real estate market but there are many more bright spots. In order to find the best places try to find a mix of culture and climate- mixing the best of Canada with the best of the rest of the world.

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Avoiding White Elephants
Posted on Mon, 30 May 2016, 10:40:00 AM  in Home buying tips
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The sacred white elephants of southeast Asia were symbols of luxury, but they were expensive to maintain, could not be sold or given away, and could bankrupt their owners. When buying a house, you should take care to avoid being saddled with your own white elephant home by looking carefully for these key signs of the white elephant before you buy.

Time on Market
It's true that it may take several weeks to sell a house, but if a home in a strong market such as Vancouver, Toronto, or Calgary has been sitting unsold for several months, you should be extremely cautious about buying it. There may well be a good reason for why it has not sold, and you don't want to discover the dry rot, crazy neighbors, or a flooded basement after you have already signed the contract.

Too Expensive for Neighbourhood
You find a stunning house, filled with premium upgrades, in a modest suburban neighbourhood. Similar houses in more expensive neighbourhoods sell for paymenrts$650,00, and the house you've just viewed seems a bargain at $550,000. The problem is that the neighbouring houses range from $350,000 to $450,000. Because the house you are viewing is priced to high for its neighbourhood, it will be difficult or impossible to resell.

Too Cheap a Price to be Real
We all love bargains. When you see a house on the market for substantially less than comparable houses in the neighborhood of the same size and age, your impulse is to grab the bargain before anyone else bids on it, but you don't want to buy in haste and regret your purchase in leisure. Although sometimes personal emergencies such as bankruptcies, deaths, illnesses, or career issues cause people to price houses for quick sale, in other cases, the low price may be a sign of some problem affecting the house's underlying value.

Consider the Future
A house is a long-term investment. That means that you need to delve into long-term planning for the neighborhood. You don't want to invest in a house backing on a wonderful nature area, if the area is slated to become a new freeway or construction zone. Even when new construction may increase property values, you may not want to spend a few years enduring the noise and dust of construction, and in the short term, it will be difficult to sell a house in an active construction zone. If the area is currently zoned for single-family homes and is rezoned for multi-family or mixed use, the character of the neighborhood will change. School closings or opening may also affect the desirability of a property. 

Needing Too Much Work
Fixer uppers can be great bargains if you have the skills and patience to do the work yourself, and a good idea of just how much time, money, and effort are entailed. If you have a full-time job or don't have strong do-it-yourself skills and a good collection of tools, an inexpensive fixer-upper can turn into an expensive white elephant, eating up all your free time and spare cash. Before investing in a house that needs work, try to get an accurate estimate of the actual cost of the work involved. In the long run, a more expensive "move-in ready" house may actually be cheaper than a less expensive fixer upper. 


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