15 Best Living Room Colour Ideas

Tuesday Dec 03rd, 2019



1. Light Grey

Light grey has quickly become the most popular wall paint colour in recent years. This light, bright and sophisticated shade is a perfect colour for any living room. It accents any colour flooring, trim, or furniture beautifully, and adds a little elegance to any space.




2. White

The classic, crisp, matte white is totally timeless. It will always match everything you own, always be bright and light, and always be in trend.




3.  Navy Blue

If you prefer darker walls, Navy blue is an excellent choice. It’s deep, bold and very stylish. It accentuates the beautiful features of your décor and furniture and adds a beautiful pop of rich colour.




4.  Sage Green

Turn to nature and bring gorgeous earthy shades indoors. Every time you step in the room, it is going to be peaceful and comfortable. Not to mention, beautiful.




5.  Beige

Enjoy a warm, light space with a touch of colour when choosing beige. It is comfortable, cozy and timeless.




6.  Dark Grey

If you’re more fond of darker shades, but don’t want the colour of the wall to overstate the room, dark grey is a perfect choice. Its deep without being too bold, adds more dimension and gives a beautiful sophisticated feel.




7.  Ocean

This ocean inspired blue is the color of wanderlust right in your own home. It'll make you feel like you're on vacation, even if the closest you're getting to an island escape is your laptop's screensaver.




8.  Jade Green

This jewel-tone is a unique, beautiful colour that makes a room feel like a Caribbean oasis. It also can make other details and décor pop out like never before against this bright, beautiful colour.





9.  Clay

Another popular colour choice in recent years, is clay. The hue of the Arizona desert, you’ll be dreaming of warm, sunny places.



10. Yellow

Does the thought of painting your living room yellow scare you to your very core? Well just remember how happy you were in Italy a few summers ago in that villa with the warm yellow walls sipping on margaritas and maybe you’ll change your mind.





11. Forest Green

The luscious, deep, elegant forest green. Add a punch of rich colour in this gorgeous shade. 





12.  Orange

Orange walls provide a dynamic backdrop for artworks, while making your home feel sunny and warm.






13.  Sky Blue

One of the lightest, softest colours for a bright and happy home. Even when the sky is grey, its always a beautiful blue skied day in your home.



14.  Black

Black may sound a little drastic for some, but it can make an excellent accent wall, becomes a bold backdrop to your favourite art pieces, and adds so much dimension to a room.



15. Merlot

A deep merlot is a gorgeous paint choice for any living room, big or small. It is rich, passionate and vibrant.