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We were one of the first real estate teams in our area years ago to utilize virtual staging, making us uniquely equipped to offer this vital service. If you wish not to have physical home staging done during this time, we are able to offer virtual staging for any home.



Professionally stage your home with the Zoi Ouzas Team to maximise your home value & make your home the buyers choice

 | What types of homes should be staged before putting the home on the market? |

All of them! It doesn’t matter if your home is old or new, big or small, in perfect condition or not so perfect condition, statistics show staging can increase the value of any home AND reduce the amount of time your home is on the market!

| What does the 'FREE Home Staging Program' entail when you sell with The Zoi Ouzas Team? | 

Step 1: The Staging Consultation

The first step will be a home visit by Zoi, Accredited Staging Professional & Sales Representative. Zoi will use this visit as her pre-staging research. She will view each room and make a full analysis of your home. This can include the current colour palettes (colours of the paints, flooring, carpeting, etc, to work with), room sizes, lighting, pinpoint present furniture we could work with and note any repairs or maintenence that may be needed. 

Step 2: The task list

The next step requires a little homework for the Seller, but never fear – we are there to help every step of the way! We have an extensive list of recommendations for any service you may need. After the initial visit comes preparing the home for the staging. This can include recommendations such as painting touch-ups, professional cleaning, carpet cleaning, de-cluttering, furniture rearranging, exterior maintenance (grass cutting, raking, etc), and repairs.

Step 3: The Magic Happens - Staging Day

Once the home is ready for staging, Zoi will buzz in like a fairy godmother leaving little touches of elegance everywhere she goes. This can take anywhere from

 1-15 hours depending on the size of home and its requirements. This often includes adding or subtracting furniture, decorative pillows, paintings, vases, flowers & greenery, centrepieces, decorative dishes/trays, throws and so much more! By the time she's done.. you might not want to move. 

Step 4: De-Staging

Now your Home is sold! We will come to collect all of the staging items at a day and time most convenient for you. 

"Dear Home Owner,  

Preparing your house for sale can feel like it will be a complicated task. No matter what size your home is, it has been statistically proven that a professionally staged home will often sell for a higher price and in a quicker amount of time. This is precisely why I decided years ago to include the gift of FREE Home Staging when you sell with my team, to maximise the value of every home I sell. My goal is to help take the stress out of selling your home by simplifying the process. It is important to take a step back and have the mindset that this is no longer your home, but your investment for your future. You want your home to have broad buyer appeal to your target market. As a home owner, it is often difficult to be objective about what is pleasing to a potential buyer.  Allow me, an experienced Realtor & Accredited Staging Professional, to guide you. My team and I will help you every step of the way!"  

- Zoi Ouzas 

As a Realtor & an Accredited Staging Professional* trained at StagedHomes.com ~ The World Standard in Staging Education,  I realized the importance of staging long before it was recognized as an essential part of a comprehensive marketing plan. From my extensive experience, and supported by statistics,  I can confirm that a well-staged home generally sells for more money and in a quicker amount of time.  - Zoi Ouzas

Watch the video below to learn about the importance of first impressions when

it comes to presenting your home, from Zoi herself!

I am passionate about my work, and my pledge and commitment to you is that I will help you every step of the way!  For a free consultation, or for any questions you may have about selling your home, you are welcome to contact me at any time

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