RE/MAX was created by top producers for top producers.

That, more than any other single thing differentiates RE/MAX from the rest of the real estate industry.

RE/MAX ~ A Company with Global Reach

In 1973 a young salesperson, a top producer by the name of Dave Liniger, had an idea.  Having worked for a large regional real estate firm in the southern United States, he saw the benefits a well established conventional real estate firm could offer:  the brand name recognition, the training, the secretarial and managerial support, etc.  But, he also experienced the many frustrations a top producer experiences in a conventional real estate firm, the lack of control over marketing, the difficulty to do personal promotion, the many mandatory activities designed around marginal producers, and the requirement to give up half of the commission, essentially subsidizing the non-producers who weren't carrying their weight.

From there, Dave went to work for a "rent-a-desk" operation.  A real estate company that charged you a fixed monthly fee, but allowed you to keep virtually all your commission.  Now he had the freedom to advertise and promote as he wished, to control his business.  But received absolutely no support.  No name recognition, no adequate facilities, no broker support.

And from those two experiences an idea began to form that would eventually revolutionize the real estate industry.  "What if", David said, "we designed a real estate company that incorporated the best of the two systems?  The full service, full support of the conventional real estate company and the freedom and maximum compensation offered by the "rent-a-desk".   Such a company would embrace the maximum benefit from each, and for the top producer it would be a system of Real Estate Maximum.  RE/MAX.  A revolution was about to begin.

The first RE/MAX office opened its doors in Denver, Colorado in 1973.  Within one year it grew to a very respectably sized office.  The next year it doubled, and doubled again the next.  By 1975 requests were coming in from across North America to develop the Re/Max system in local marketplaces.  In response, Re/Max began to purchase its operation in 1977.  North America was divided into master franchises or regions.  Our region, RE/MAX Ontario-Atlantic Canada, came into existence in 1980.

In spite of heavy obstacles, the RE/MAX concept flourished.  In market after market the RE/MAX vision was shared, franchises purchased, and offices opened.  And as these offices opened in large center or small, north or south, east coast, west coast, the United States and Canada, the results were the same.  As the story was told and top producers began to understand what the RE/MAX revolution was all about, they began making the move to RE/MAX.  With their newfound freedom and natural entrepreneurial spirit, these top producers began to excel like never before.  Before long, in market after market, RE/MAX began to take over the number one market share position.

RE/MAX has continued to grow from strength to strength.  It has survived, and even flourished, despite tough recessions, fluctuating interest rates and other variables that affect the housing market.  Every single month since its inception; RE/MAX has experienced positive growth.  No other real estate franchise in human history can make that claim.  The RE/MAX growth is even increasing every single year.  In the first 10 years RE/MAX grew to 3,796 agents.  In the next 10 years, it grew to 32,311.  In the third 10 years in grew to 77,896.  As of 2015 there were over 106,000 agents worldwide, working in almost 100 countries.  When you travel abroad, whether in the U.K. or Saudi Arabia, France or South Africa, you?ll see RE/MAX signs wherever you look.  Today the word RE/MAX, together with the red, white and blue RE/MAX balloon logo, is synonymous with outstanding real estate service around the globe.

REMAX balloon


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